Hi. My name is Cynthia Williams, and I am your personal writer, your voice. 

I will write for you anything your heart desires—memoir, biography, family history, eulogy, the history of your company, the non-profit you formed, the club or hometown you love, a tribute to a friend, a loved one, a beloved pet.

I write what you cannot. I express the inexpressible, the heart messages. I record memories. Before their voices are lost forever, I write the stories of the elders.

I am the voice of those gone before, and your voice for those who will come after you.

Printed and bound, or digitally produced with imagery, sound and video, your stories become priceless family heirlooms, gifts, or powerful promotional tools for entrepreneurs.

Please wander through my SAMPLES page for examples of memories and memoirs, biographies, company or organization histories, and tributes that I have written, either for commercial publication or to record my own thoughts and memories. Then, call or write to me and let’s discuss what I can write for you.



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