Products, Process, and Pricing


  • Biographies
  • Company/organization histories
  • Eulogies
  • Family histories
  • Memories
  • Memoirs
  • Town histories
  • Tributes
  1. Print copies, with or without imagery
  2. Digital copies, with or without imagery, with or without sound (such as recorded interview excerpts and background music), and with or without video 
  3. Any history that I write for you can be either in third person, i.e., “She was born in October,” or in first person, i.e., “I was born in October.”


  • Client interview(s), in person, by phone, and/or in written Q & A
  • Your writer prepares first draft of manuscript
  • Client reviews first draft
  • Your writer edits manuscript to specs of client
  • Client reviews succeeding and final drafts
  • Your writer/videographer produce your story


The charge is on a per-project basis, and must be determined by the scope of the project; a one-page, digitally produced and transmitted eulogy must be priced differently from a thick, hard-bound company history digitally produced with imagery and sound. However, I can tell you that:

*  Prices are exclusive of costs associated with printing, and sound and video production.

∗ The agreed-upon total cost of each project is paid in 3 installments over the life of the project.

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