Organization History

  • Our Hearts Are Filled with Gratitude - The building is not particularly interesting. It’s just old. One hundred and five years old, to be exact. The enigmatic name on the façade—Andrew D. Gwynne Institute—suggests a movie version of an asylum for the howling insane. The thing is an eyesore, really.
  • Powered by S.T.E.A.M. - If she failed, the Charles Edison Foundation would claim the artifacts and archives before rats and rain did. Risking his political career in his fight to privatize the estates, Mayor Humphrey gambled that Chris Pendleton was the one person who could save them.
  • Surviving Mosquitoes - These aerial raids were often made in the dawn’s early light, the DC3s roaring down on us like Grumman bombers, streaming behind them in the mango-colored sky jets of DDT that, before air-conditioning, billowed into our windows and sent us diving, hearts pounding, for cover.