Children’s Books



From my story, “Beverley,” sprang a children’s picture book, published (because Beverley is so famous) by Random House (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2018).









Written by her Aunt Anne for a real little girl named “Aspen,” this delightful book begins with:


“Aspen did not know until she was five that she was named after a tree.

“I don’t want to be named after a tree,” she said crossly. “That’s stupid.”

“There’s a town named ‘Aspen,’ too,” her mother said.

Aspen frowned. “Well…I’m not a town either.”

And that was that.”


We adore children’s books! They are not only fun, they are vital to the healthy intellectual development of our children.

A child’s picture book can be based upon a larger personal history, like “Beverley,” or it can be created for a special child by a parent or grandparent.

Your picture book can be illustrated by a professional artist, or with your own family photos.

If we create an electronic version, Mom, Dad, brother, sister and/or grandparents can read the story to the children.

Imagine leaving behind such a gift for a loved child.

OR, your child can illustrate, even write, his or her own picture book! And record it.

Imagine how precious the book will be to your child’s children.