The Library

The following samples of creative non-fiction comprise only a partial library of my narrative histories, written generally in third person for commercial publication in online and print magazines, and the more personal “stuff of dreams,” written by me for myself. The latter are in first or third or second person and represent the way I might record for you your personal memories, and the emotion they invoke, of events in your own life. The memories can be happy or sad ones, long or short.

For me, writing down these dream-like memories was both catharsis for my grief, and a way of saying, I love you. I have not forgotten. Or I wanted to express some thoughts I had about a personal experience. Or both. Because the themes are universal, I published them as creative non-fiction.

It doesn’t really matter why you want to get something down on paper; it’s that you need to see it written down, to be recorded, to be remembered.

I can do that for you. In your voice.