You are such a talented writer! Thank you for helping to make our corporate communications more engaging and impactful. You have a unique ability to transform stodgy material into something worth reading, and I’m so thankful that you’re on our team.  Thank you for rescuing us from mediocrity!

         Kiley F. Rawlins, VP-Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Outstanding! You weaved my set of disaggregated insights into a cohesive story. I’ll have to start calling upon your skills when I’m struggling with my next presentation.

         Dorlisa Flur, Vice Chair, Strategy & Chief Administrative Officer, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

First off, I cannot thank you enough for your writing help. I have learned more from you in just a few months than I have from any other internship or job about writing style. You have a great teaching ability, and it has certainly helped me. Your writing ability is also tremendous—you make everything sound interesting and exciting. It’s definitely something I hope to have one day with my writing.

         Cliff Cermak, Communications Specialist, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

I want to let you know how much I enjoy all of your articles you have written over the years for the Red Zone. I just love the three current articles up for the Community Support campaign. They are such great reads and should spark something in each team member to give as much as they can to the campaign. Thanks for your contribution to our enjoyment and learning.

         Amanda Bingham, Facilities Planning Manager, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Thanks for the informative and entertaining write-up of my “lunch and learn.” You captured the essence of what we are trying to do in your own unique style. I bet most readers will complete the article with a much better understanding of “Fast Break.” Thanks again.

         Jim Kelly, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

You are a good writer.

We could use you here at the library.

Seriously, both those articles you sent are great. I especially liked the ASC one. You made arts and culture relevant in a way I‘ve never heard before……historical reference to one of the most monumental events of the 20th century.

Clearly, you understand the ultimate purpose of fundraising communications……to inspire and motivate, emotionally. You are goooooooood…….

         Dick Pahle, Director of Development, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library

You are a fantastic writer! I enjoy your writing style…you capture the essence of your subject and convey that to your readers. I hope you are working on a book because I want to read more of your work. Love it, love it!

         Neal Lauber, Matthews Town Commissioner, Matthews, NC

I know I have written you before about how much I enjoy your articles, but this time, I think you have outdone yourself!

Three articles—all exceptionally written with the purpose to entice, no, convince us to give to these worthy causes and all of them extremely successful in their purpose.

I don’t know which one to give to because they all are needed so desperately and I am so moved by the stories, all.

But one thing is certain, I will give! You are one heck of a writer, Ms. Williams!

         Lisa Nash, Transportation Site Manager, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your humorous Records Management articles! You made, what might have been a dull and boring topic, sound exciting and fun. I look forward to more articles from you in the future!

         Susan Demick, HRIS Analyst, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Congratulations on a nice article on Kurth Dohmann Retires posted on the Red Zone. As a former journalist, I can tell that you have the “flair” for good feature writing. I enjoyed the way you presented Mr. Dohmann. Thanks.

         Bonnie Covington, North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

I had to let you know that I loved the last line of your holiday article –

“And yet, perhaps the most blessed moment of the entire holiday season is when we toast one another with sparkling champagne, wish one another health and happiness, and then whirling in a storybook world through an infinite universe, we kiss and hold one another close.”


         Sara Seelapasay, Learning & Development, Sr. Instructional Designer, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

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